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We Are Leading Erotic Blueprint & Polarity, & Sex Intimacy & Relationship Experts. We are dedicated to seeking, curating and supporting others to claim pleasure & eroticism in all areas of their lives.

A 60-day program that will transform the erotic relationship with yourself, your lover, your arousal and your pleasure by discovering the Erotic Blueprints.

Taking you from boredom, confusion & disconnect to being deeply satisfied, heard, nourished and totally curious about what is next in your sexual endeavours.

Solo or partnered.


Do you find yourself avoiding sex, finding excuses so as not to connect, having given up on being satisfied? Feeling starved & almost like a part of you is dying or aching for a certain kind of touch or stimulation?

Do you as a man have a deep desire to feed your woman her true needs, & feed yourself a certain kind of love making - but unsure what they are ?

Do you as a woman have intense longing for a certain kind of sexual experience but are not being fed & cherished as you long & ache for?

Do you feel as if your sex life is stuck in a rut, that you are going through the motions and not wanting to say anything in case you offend or hurt the other person?

Are you asking yourself where all the passion has gone? Wondering how can you get back that erotic heat that was there when you first met? Wishing you could muster the confidence to express your desires, wishes and fantasies?

Are you in a relationship where you love each other dearly but deeply satisfying sex and pleasure is elusive? Feeling like you are housemates not the lovers you had hoped you would be?

Or, maybe you are single and have given up on experiencing deeply erotic pleasure until you find a partner?

Dear Lover,

this does not have to be you.

All around us, there is the social narrative that the passion just dwindles away.

We are told relationships naturally lose their spark yet still we receive the messages we need to be in one to even hope for any type of satisfaction.

If you have given up believing that deeply satisfying sex is for you whether you are single or coupled, or you are ready to take your sex life solo or coupled to the next level then -

 Claim Your Eroticism is for you.



Both Alex and Melissa found themselves asking this one question constantly.

Is this really how I want to live? Is this really all there is to sex, pleasure and intimacy?

As individuals they both knew in their bones there had to be more. 
Sex is the glue to a deeply satsifying relationship. It is the aliveness that binds two people in eroticism.

Without this turn on, without the aliveness, the glue thins and your coupledom becomes unstuck. 

In both of their coaching businesses Alex and Melissa often arrived at a wall that was tricky to cross over when working with couples and sexuality. 

Until discovering and becoming coaches of the Erotic Blueprints.

The Erotic Blueprints has changed the game completely on how they support their clients into absolute sexual freedom and expansion.

This usually changes everything else in our lives. We are activated. Alive. On fire.

Whether You are single, newly coupled or are decades into your union, 
experiencing deep satisfaction, being turned on by your life, playing in erotisim & being pleasure filled with curiosity is absolutely available to everyone. 

Neighbor complaining sex is availble to you no matter what your age or relationship status
& -



Imagine this:

That after 60 transformational days you will go from:

  • Feeling stagnant and stuck in a rut as if your lovemaking was like groundhog day to being excited to get into bed,

  •  feeling deeply satisfied with your exploration and turned on by the possibilities you are creating together.

  • Feeling completely closed and nervous to share what it is you would like to explore, to knowing how safe and heard you are within the relationship to express your desires and fantasies. 

  • Feeling as if your body is numb to pleasure, that there is maybe something wrong with you to feeling alive, to being turned on, and open to sex again, again and again.

  • Feeling as if you are just not interested, maybe even bored with your self-pleasure routine - to exploring your body like a wonderland and discovering eroticism that you didn't even believe was possible.

  • Feeling as if you and your partner are sexually mismatched and not compatible to playing in a sexual playground worthy of young lovers that have just met.

  • Feeling ashamed and alone with your secret desires & fantasies to being able to celebrate and share them whilst also crafting more adventures you want to take yourself on.

  • Feeling like you are in your head, running off of masculine drive and autopilot when it comes to sex to feeling compeltley wide awake, alive and open abel to listen to your bodies innate wisdom of what turns you on.

  • Feeling as if you are just going through the motions in bed and in life to discovering there is a whole wide technicoloured world of pleasure, possibility, expansion and freedom which you get to play in.

Each and every week you will have videos to watch from the infamous Erotic Blue print Breakthrough course, as well as the juicy and alive content we will be delivering to you inside of our uniquely curated Face book group.

We are your guides. We will give you real time inspiration & full permission to play in a safe and held container.

You may choose to do the 8 weeks with Alex and Melissa's transmission and coaching only and then watch the EBPBTC afterwards OR you can do both alongside one another.

Your relationship, your rules, your adventure lover.



Week 1:
Creating a safe and erotic container:

Learning powerful communication containers that foster having your needs & desires heard & met.
Understanding the perfect relationship between vulnerability, safety and eroticism.

Week 2:
The energetic:

DIscover and Understand the deep nature of the energetic. 
Creating powerful & sexy boundaries and Erotic Spaces.

Week 3: 
The Sensual:

Experience life and turn on the 5 senses that will open your physical, emotional and spiritual self to turn on.
Creating sensual spaces in your life, deepening polarity and cultivating a deeper turn on to all of life around you.

Week 4: 
The sexual:

Direct, unashamed, clear, playful and excited pleasure. 
Learning the gift of being straight forward and asking for what you want.
The art of Pleasure talking ( Dirty talk ) 
the aural game…

Week 5:
The Kinky:

The suggestive world of the taboo. 
The curiosity of Kink, fetishes, domination, submission and fantasy.

Week 6.  
The Shapeshifter:

You can have it all.
Stacking the blueprints, touch games and the art of flirting.

Week 7:
The Power of Play:

The Integration of different Erotic Blueprints, expanding your play palette,
wild sex and more.

Week 8:
Tying it all together

Seeing how far you have come and what is possible for your future.


8 x 2 hr live coaching calls with both Alex and Melissa via Zoom
VALUE $ 16,000  

The entire Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough course for life.
VALUE $ 997 

10 x Embody it classes placed inside of the facebook group
VALUE $4970

5 x live experiential masterclasses. One for each Blueprint.
VALUE $4985

5 x Hypnobreathwork Sessions to support the integration of your Erotic Blueprint and any blocks you may have by doing so.
VALUE $4,985

6 x Erotic Blueprint polarity integration processes
VALUE $5,994

90 days of access to the Claim your Eroticism Facebook group for further accountability and support.
VALUE $1997

TOTAL VALUE $ 39,928

Deepening polarity masterclass.
VALUE $997

12 x pleasure first practices delivered as audios and videos. 
VALUE $997

Partner, friend or lover invited to partnered practices
Value $2997

BONUS VALUE Value $4,991


Lover, you only pay $1997

Early bird price until September 18th, then it goes up to $2222

What you get inside of claim your eroticism:



''Working with Alex was a powerful experience.
He consistently called me back to my sense of self worth and power, & provided a loving series of sessions that were deeply revealing about my patterns and blocks, & then giving me the tools to create new way of being as a man. Deeply grateful for his time, energy and care.''
Rowan C.

''Working the Blueprints alongside Alex as my coach was extremely transformative & powerful.

 He provided a safe & trustable coaching climate for me to explore within, & was a calm & grounded mirror for me to explore my process.''
Ceri O.

''The masculine polarity is about strength, being witness, silence, depth, creating a container of safety for the feminine to be in all her chaos…

This is what Alex provides: This silent witnessing for healing to unfold.''
Mellisa B


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