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This 3 month coaching package is designed to illuminate the patterns holding back your connection from better loving.

Together we will unpack all of the hidden dynamics, & begin to create a safer more trustable climate of repair.

What does it mean to explore & heal the imprints that can block intimacy?

How do we hear & listen to our partners more?

 What is needed to re-spark the fires of attraction?

Are you feeling that there is somethnig missing or blocked in your experience of sex, desire & intimacy?

Are you feeling blocked in the full reclaimation of your sensuality, & loving flow?

Would you like to embody more of your inner king & Queen as a couple? 

Has your sexual climate become blocked or suffocated?

This gift of this container is to be held in loving presence & respect by a trained facilitator.

I weave the best of intimacy & relationship teachings, & mix these up with a whole host of practices, workbooks, exercises and insights about the nature of masculine & feminine polarity exploration.

Together we explore nervous system opening & closing practices, dynamic polarity, erotic design, relationship dynamics, wounding & imprints from your early years, & embodiment, breathwork, and archetypal shadow work.

This allows you to look at your strengths, your blockages, & your desires, and weave a clear path toward creating a really thriving, healthy, passionate connection.

You will develope your ability to play all out together, & align with your deep yearning for expansive love, from a place of internal empowerment.

You will understand your man
You will understand your woman.
I give you the tools to create Art out of your connection.



  • The pillars of a healthy conscious partnership,
  • Deeper communication skills that move you from conflict to resonance,
  • Working with your core wounds & imprints to release old stories,
  • Deep insight into how to recieve & surrender to healthy energy,
  • How to dance with + serve the masculine & feminine in your connection,
  • How to cultivate healthy relationship practice to nurture your needs & desires in intimacy,
  • Moving away from drama triangles into resonance & authentic relating,
  • How to embody your archetypal energies of King & Queen,
  • How to see your shadows and patterns holding you back,
  • Exploring dark & light eros in the masculine & feminine,
  • Erotic Blueprint Insights to help you access more of your fundamental erotic nature - so you can speak each others languages!
  • Becoming deeply attuned to each others needs & creating a hot, loving, caring, nourishing connection


  • 12 Weekly or Bi-weekly 90 minute calls (Theory + Practice) 
  • We alternate between solo sessions & joint sessions so both partners can process at their pace.
  • 1x aftercare & integration call,
  • Breathwork & enquiry to discover whats underneath the connection issues,
  • Workbooks for each Module,
  • Full access to the Erotic Blueprints Breathrough Course,
  • Accountability practices, aspectics processes, shadow work, emotional release exercises,
  • Hypno Breathwork to unblock and expand,
  • Access to whatsapp private messaging for daily support,
  • Detailed notes on each session to highlight your evolution and process, 
  • Deeply empathic, trauma informed, fierce but gentle coaching & mentorship that will hold you lovingly throughout your journey. 




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