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Leader x Lover is a path forward for men into embodied menswork & masculine discovery.

This 3 month coaching package is designed to awaken the inner fire within you as a man walking through the world.

An experiential dive into masculine maturity - toward becoming more powerful in your body and reactions.

Can you as a man lead yourself? Can you lead your own emotion? Can you lead your relationships?

How do you heal your wounds, face your fears, & become more trustable?

Cultivating the nervous system capacity and emotional awareness to deal with life?

To open your heart to the truth of your pain & needs? To embody more structure, depth & vitality in yourself?

To become a unified Leader & Lover?

We will dive deep into sexuality empowerment work, and looking deeper into the mystery of masculine leadership and masculine lovership. 

Especially our relationship with our cocks, our desire, and our sexual potency.

This container takes the best of menswork and relationship teachings, & mixes it up with a whole host of practices, workbooks, exercises and insights about the nature of masculine & feminine polarity exploration.

Explore nervous system opening & closing practices, sexual energy expansion, relationship dynamics, wounding & imprints from your early years, & embodiment, breathwork, and archetypal shadow work.

It allows you to look at your strengths, your blockages, & your desires, and weave a clear path toward personal mastery, & empowerment.

You will develope your core stability, & a really robust embodiment that will turn your spine into steel & expand your heart wide open.

I will give you the tools to become a superior lover & leader, a warrior & king.



  • The core masculine within,
  • The feminine essence within,
  • Working with your core wounds to release old stories, (mother & father wounds)
  • Deep insight into how to lead your life and relationships to glory,
  • How to dance with + serve the feminine,
  • How to cultivate healthy relationship practice to lead & support any women in your life,
  • Exploring intimacy, depth & your unique imprints,
  • How to embody your archetypal energies of the Lover, Warrior, Magician & King,
  • How to see your shadows and patterns holding you back,
  • Exploration of integrity and honor, 
  • Exploring dark & light eros in the masculine & feminine,
  • Sexual yoga + Chi gong practices that will help you hold more energy, structure & life force in your body.


  • 12 Weekly or Bi-weekly 90 minute calls (Theory + Practice) 
  • 1x aftercare & integration call,
  • Gradual building of the breath + embodiment practices to develop mind body memory,
  • Workbooks for each Module,
  • Accountability practices,
  • Hypno Breathwork to unblock and expand,
  • Access to whatsapp private messaging for daily support,
  • Detailed notes on each session to highlight your evolution and process, 
  • Deeply empathic, fierce coaching & mentorship that will hold you lovingly throughout as I hold space for your journey. 


InVESTMENT:  £1700




If you are reading this then I can happily confirm you've been led to the right place. Alex is your guy! The transformation in me over 3 months was nothing shy of remarkable. 

From day one he walked me through the sessions with compassion, clarity, strength and humour. He can bring out the best in us. He lives what he teaches and is committed to his own growth and certainly not afraid to share his own lessons and pitfalls in his journey.  

I am truly grateful to have found him when I did and still continue to grow from our time together. At the time of writing this it has been almost a month since our final session and I am so much more embodied, present and strong. As a leader, as a lover and as an embodied male in a world that needs this work more than ever. 

If you are seeking to stand proud as you are and foster the capacity to hold space, create structure, love fully and communicate clearly and with purpose; then this is a damn fine place to start.
With love. 

Tom V


Alex orchestrates a grounded space to learn and unlearn the deeper ways of knowing as to what our masculine archetypes look like and how we may show up as better men in this world.

After three months I feel empowered to continue on my path into the wildness of the world, while honoring my heart’s desires.

It felt like an authentic journey that will always be with me as I continue onwards—having developed the right use of the practices that were learned throughout the experience.

Jim G.

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